NeuroMagen Logo.png

Novel drug for treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Telomerase is an enzyme which increases cell lifespan and participates in the cells protection mechanism.  
NeuroMagen's novel drug boosts the telomerase operation as neuroprotector,  and can be used to delay the onset and progression of ALS.

DOTS Logo.png

The first, on the dot, at the right spot

DOTS – The first company with proven groundbreaking technology for real-time nitrate monitoring in agricultural soils. 

DOTS developed an innovative electro-optical sensor, enabling continuous, automatic, high-rate data sampling, at the root level.

With DOTS, Fertilizers can be precisely applied, only when required by the plants and groundwater contamination can be eliminated.

BugEra Logo.png

Insect Biotech for sustainable future

The Black Soldier Fly (BSF)  is proven to be a one of a kind bio refinery species that is broadly recognized for its potential for circular economy - from waste to products: protein and oil.

Using advanced Genetic engineering, BugEra creates a novel BSF species which both opens new markets for BSF Farms, as well as dramatically improving their production economics

SafeMind Logo.png

Taking cyber threats personally

Work from home, "Bring your own device" and other  modern trends are setting the human factor as the primary cyber threat. While current solutions are focused on network and infrastructure technologies, SAFEMIND is addressing the human factor vulnerabilities.

The SAFEMIND technology uses AI and machine learning to understand individuals' behavior, and score the specific vulnerability to enable awareness, training and dramatic improvement in security.

Pickommerce Logo.png

A robotic package picker for eCommerce

The current robotics picking solution lacks the ability to grasp and pick a large variety of objects. Hence most picking tasks are done by human workers. Pickommerce  developed a unique robotic grasping technique that is based on using adhesives to glue a small sticker to an object where the robot can grasp the sticker and use it as a handle. Therefore we are able to grasp and pick almost every object.

GoBalance Logo.png

Improve balance to reduce falling risks

Falls are a main cause of injures and death in elder people, with a huge economic and social impact. Moreover, studies show that  the fear of falling is prevalent with 50+ seniors. 

The GoBalance system is based on safely training individuals at reacting to equilibrium perturbations,  analyzing their reacyions, and using computer vision and machine learning to further personalize the training program - estimated to reduce falls by 40%


NeuroHelp Framed.png

NeuroTechnology for epileptic patients

After a multi year academic study, leveraging unique combination of signal processing, machine learning and neurotechnology expertise, NeuroHelp's solution is a life changer for  epileptic patients

The product is a portable, convenient,  easy-to-use EEG system  paired with an app that alerts  the patients about 1 hour before a seizure.

Panacea Framed.png

"The average cost to bring one single  drug to market approaches $5B" 

"1h delayed oncological drug = 260 life-years"  

Panacea's solution is the outcome of a multi years academic study, and enables prediction of patient (or group of) drug response  based on the identification of specific factors  and their interrelations.

Huge savings can be achieved by using machine learning analysis of multidimensional clinical, non-clinical, and functional big data

Testory Framed.png

Inventing a new Testing Story

Testory's solution relies on Behavioral Programming - a deep technology that transforms the way tests are modeled and executed. With our technology, testers can provide just a set of building blocks and the full set of scenarios are generated automatically.

On top of this technology, we provide algorithms and tools for report generation, risk assessment, efficient coverage, etc.

Mirage Framed.png

Video Ads like never seen 

The currently Ads models are pre-roll (Skip ad in 4s...) or overlaying banners -  both  intrusive and irritating.

Mirage Dynamics'  solution is  based on sophisticated Deep Learning algorithms, able to automatically identify an ad-worthy spot in a regular video and seamlessly replace it with a personalized, context relevant ad.

In addition, accurate exposure metrics - critical to attribution and rewards - are generated and presented.

3D Green Framed.png

3D print today, Care of tomorrow

Plastic bottles are one of the most severe contributors to the world pollution, and only green-aware people are recycling bottles. In parallel, Home 3D printers filaments are still expensive and non trivial to purchase.

3D-Green has designed a prototype of device capable of transforming regular plastic bottles into filaments, and mounted on standard off the shelf 3D-printers. 

Both environmentalists and makers will enjoy the convenience of easy recycling and cheap 3D printing.

Flanimus Framed.png

Lightspeed Virus Detection

COVID-19 has showed  that most of the contamination happens in mass gathering spots, like airports, entertainment and sport events etc... 

Flanimus' disruptive solution solves the mass testing for virus challenge: viruses and specific cells debris from a simple breathalyzer test are collected on an electronic chip surface. Flanimus algorithms are then apply to accurately detect COVID-19 contaminated patients.